Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Boy/Girl Potholders

I found some potholders at the fleamarket and the lady only wanted 50 cents for the set.  So, naturally, I bought them.  Besides, I wanted to be able to figure out the pattern and share it because it's Oh So Cute!

Here are the ones I bought.

Now for the pattern and my finished version.

Materials: Cotton Yarn (I used a local stores, but you could use the typical Sugar 'n Creme) - 2 colors
Size I hook

This pattern is worked in rounds unless otherwise stated (no turning) and top-down - the hanger row is done last
First ch2 of each round does not count as a dc
Boy and girl versions are identical until round 7
The top of the pants/skirt is also the same.
Pattern is worked in back loop only unless otherwise stated

Special Stitches: dc increase (dc inc) - 3 dc in one dc
Shell pattern - sc, skip one st, 5 dc in next, skip one st, repeat from beginning (work in both loops)

ch 19

Round 1: 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch to end, 3 dc in last ch, 1 dc on the opposite side of the ch, end with 1 dc in last(beginning) ch, sl st tog (36dc)

Round 2: ch2, 1 dc in first 9 dc, dc inc, 1 dc in next 17 dc, 3 dc in next, 1 dc in rem dc, sl st tog (40 dc)

Round 3-7: *1 dc in all dc to the dc inc, dc in first dc of increase, dc increase in 2nd, 1 dc in next dc, repeat from * once, then 1 dc in each rem dc, sl st tog (you should be adding and even 4 stitches each round.  Round 7 = 60 dc)

Girl version: using your 2nd color

Rd 8: using both loops, sc in each st around, sl st tog, change back to 1st color (60 sc)
Rd 9 : dc in each sc around, sl st tog, finish off (60 dc)

Between the legs:
Row 1: attach yarn to a dc just before where the inc pattern stopped, ch2, 1 dc in next 5 dc, ch2, turn (5 dc)
Row 2: 1 dc in each dc (5 dc)

Sew flap to the other side of skirt and finish off

Around the legs: attach 2nd color anywhere on one 'leg" and do the shell stitch pattern, sl st tog, finish off (7 shells and 7 sc)  Note: I usually start just left of the section between the legs, but it doesn't matter much
Repeat for other side.

Boy version


Rd 1: with 2nd color and working in both loops, sc in each dc to the dc inc, turn the work and sc in each dc after the dc inc on the opposite side, sl st tog, finish off. (29 sc)
Rd 2: with 1st color, dc in each sc around, finish off (29 dc)
Rd 3 : with 2nd color and working in both loops, sc in each dc around.  Finish off (29 sc)

Repeat for 2nd leg on other side.

Hanger on both potholders

attach color 2 with a sl st in edge of beg ch, ch 1, sc in the ch across (17 sc)
ch 8, sl st in 6th ch from hook, ch1, 12 sc in circle created, sl st tog, finish off.

Here's what my finished ones looked like!