Friday, January 16, 2015

Boot Cuff- better pictures

Ok, so here are some better pictures to help with my last post.
For this pair, I am using Red Heart worsted and US I hook (5.5mm).

Start with measuring around your leg (cm makes it easier to get a good fit)

Base of cuff
Decide how tall you want your base. This will be under the boot and keeps the cuff from sliding down.
 You will make simple sc ribbed rows, working in the back loop only, ch1, and turn each row.

Here is the start of my 20sc, back loop only, ribbing which is the base of the cuff.

For my leg, I need to continue until it is 32 cm long (42 rows in those case) .

Then, grab both ends, hold them together, and sl st across to make a tube.

Turn the tube on its side like so.

You will work the decorative part in the top of the tube.

Switch to larger hook (forme, US K :6.5mm)
Pick a stitch pattern you like. (I wanted a shell stitch, so I needed a multiple of 6+1)
This part is worked in rows, turning each time.

1- sc around evenly, ch1, turn
2- hdc around in each sc, ch, turn
3- begin stitch pattern (again, for me, shells)
Continue your stitch pattern until the cuff is your desired height. Cut yarn and weave ends in.

In my picture, you see I changed yarns. I ran out of my blue ww and decided to use a thin yarn with the larger hook to try a lacy-er look.

Here area few pictures of it finished.
 Here you can see the slit left by doing rows. I find it easier to fold over the top of the boot with the slit.
 Folded over on itself.
A closer view of the shell pattern.

I hope this clarifies my past post a bit for you.

What do you think?

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