Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boot Cuff Tutorial

Boot cuffs seem to be all the rage now, and they are really simple to make.
Measurments Needed: 
cm around where the top of your boot lands on your leg.
Ex: my boots go up to my knee, so I took my tape measure and found the top of my calf is 33.5 cm
To make sure it fits snug and doesn't slide down, decrease by about 1cm.

Materials Needed
Yarn of choice (I chose a semi-bulky soft yarn)
Two crochet hooks, two sizes apart (for me, US I and US K worked with my yarn choice)

Bottom of Cuff
ch somewhere between 11 and 21 (this part will be under the boot, so the length will be up to your preference)
Row One: sc in 2nd ch and in each ch across
Row Two: ch1, turn, sc in back loop of each sc
Repeat row two until it matches the above mentioned measurement (using an I hook and semi-bulky yarn, I reached 32 cm with 36 rows)
Put ends together and sl st across to close seem.

Switch to a bigger hook (two sizes worked for me)

This is where you can get creative. Pick a stitch pattern you like. My first go I went with a simple shell pattern.
1- sc evenly around (working in the side of the stitches you made) the number of stitches needed as a base for your chosen pattern
For me, that meant a multiple of 6+1
2- ch 1, turn, hdc in each sc
3- Work stitch pattern, working in rows and turning each time. That leaves a slit in the back where it can fold easily over the top of the boot, or not wad up behind your knee if your making the cuff for a tall boot.

My first set turned out at you see below.

In this one you can kinda see where my slit was.

A closer view of one

How it looks on and folded over

I promise to take pictures as I work on my next pair and post them in a follow-up soon.

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